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ADMISSIONS for Students on the Autism Spectrum at Gersh Academy Puerto Rico

With each family, we begin with an objective evaluation and then a personalized plan of action based on your child’s unique personality, personal challenges, family environment, and desired outcomes.


Below we have detailed the enrollment process for Gersh Academy of Puerto Rico. We hope you will find this information helpful. Should you need additional information, please feel free to contact the Admissions Counselor at (787) 200-8684.

The Admissions Process

During the initial intake call, information is gathered and a Parent Tour is scheduled to view our facilities and learn more about our program. We ask that all requested paperwork be sent to our office prior to the tour in order to evaluate how we can best serve your child.

While touring the facility, you will have the chance to speak with our Admissions Counselor about your child’s needs and how we can accommodate your son or daughter. If interested, we will schedule a day/time for a Student Evaluation.                             

The potential student will have the opportunity of touring our school with our Admissions Counselor, and will be observed in both a natural environment and in a classroom setting. Within 48 hours of the student evaluation, the Admissions Counselor will call you to schedule a Student Visit.                                         


Within one week of the student visit, the admissions committee will determine your child’s eligibility to our program and, if eligible, a proposal of services will be mailed with an enrollment form. If you determine the proposed services are aligned with your child’s needs and wish to enroll him at Gersh Academy, please complete the enrollment form and send it to the mailing address provided. Click here to download our Student Enrollment form (PDF)

All enrollment paperwork must be completed and returned to our Admissions Counselor along with a $500 non-refundable registration fee. A start date will be determined and you and your child can prepare for their first day of school.

Federal law, IDEA, states that a free appropriate public education (FAPE) must be available to any individual child who needs special education and related services, and may require public school systems to pay for private placements, like Gersh Academy, when their own programs or classrooms are not deemed appropriate. We encourage you to visit for more information.

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