Gersh Academy Schools for Children with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome in Puerto Rico

School Programs For Children with Autism Ages 5 to 21


All of our students follow an adapted curriculum, based on the strengths and needs of the individual. We use an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to guide each individual student’s work with specific and measurable objectives that monitor progress and ensure program goals are reached. In addition to the classroom setting, your child will have the opportunity to learn through community-based instruction, which focuses on inclusion opportunities and real life learning. This includes regular outings in the community and participation with typical peers in various structured activities throughout the year.


The physical education program offers an aquatics component, which includes surfing, swimming and paddleboarding lessons. The water provides a therapeutic benefit to our students, especially for those with sensory issues. All of Gersh Academy Puerto Rico locations have beach access, and transportation is provided to the Condado Lagoon in San Juan for paddleboarding lessons provided by VelaUno.

Customized Education for Children & Young Adults with Autism

about_autism_right_column_pic_2The school offers students ages ten to twenty-one a customized education program based on their individual needs. Students receive a combination of 1:1 and group instruction. For students who need a higher degree of support, programming focuses primarily on a functional/vocational skills curriculum. Greatest concentration is placed on developing and increasing communication, daily living, socialization and vocational competence with instruction in core curriculum subjects.

Vocational and social skills training and practice are provided on and off campus. Students participate in a variety of work and volunteer activities within the community. These activities are designed to not only provide students with exposure to a variety of work experiences, but also to engender concepts of generosity and service. Moreover, vocational opportunities offer students the opportunity to work with peers and adults in settings in which expectations vary from those at home or school.

As students approach adulthood, an emphasis is placed on the importance of transition planning. Regular community based instruction opportunities are offered based on students’ individual need. These needs may include job experience, vocational training, development of recreational skills, and development of self-help and independent living skills.


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