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How not to squander the potential of autistic people

IN AMERICA in 1970 one child in 14,000 was reckoned to be autistic. The current estimate is one in 68—or one in 42 among boys. Similarly high numbers can be found in other rich countries: a study in South Korea found that one in 38 children were affected.

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Feria Agricola 2015

Feria Agrícola 2015

Gersh Academy Feature

Focus is on custom approach of Gersh Academy. Also provided background and Kevin’s passion for working with autistic children and how success is achieved. Parents and students were interviewed –each provided powerful messages and emotional responses (endorsements). Teachers outlined approaches.

Thanksgiving at Gersh Academy

Overview of the event, why it is important for children on the autism spectrum. Kevin and Celeste featured discussing the value. Teachers discussing the value. Students talking about the experience. Kevin speaks and shows the successful approaches of Gersh Academy.

April 2014 – Autism Awareness Month

Gersh Academy and Vela Uno join forces to offer “Paddle for Autism” in Puerto Rico.


Celebrating Earth Day – Planting Trees, April 22

In honor of earth day our students and staff planted a tree. They participated in the growing process and the necessities of what a tree needs in order to grow. See Photos


A Sailing Catamaran Adventure in San Juan Bay

Sailing Event- Our friends at VelaUno Surf Shop were generous enough to take several students and staff for a sunny day of sailing through the San Juan Bay. See Photos


April 2014 – Autism Awareness Month

2nd Annual Walk for Autism Awareness

Gersh Academy

Carolina, PR, Wednesday April 30, 2014

Gersh Academy, joins in the “Walk for Autism” in Isla Verde to raise community awareness. More information and photos


Nonverbal Teen With Autism Speaks With The Help Of An Electronic Device

A nonverbal teen with autism has found his voice.

19-year-old Neal Katz has gone from not being able to speak to being able to translate his thoughts through an electronic device, as he demonstrates in the CBS video above. Katz is now able to perform tasks such as order in a restaurant and go to the grocery store.

Katz’s mother, Elaine Hall, said that her son was turned down from nearly every camp because his disabilities were too severe until Shalom Institute, a Jewish overnight camp in Malibu, accepted him.

“I work here in Malibu every Thursday,” Katz told CBS through his machine. “I plant trees, pick fruits… put down drip irrigation.”

Hall said that her son’s electronic device, as well as the workers at the Shalom Institute, have helped him express himself and learn through interaction with nature.

Katz has recently been offered a full-time job at an organic farm.

“He loves it. It’s given him so much pride. They pay him. He saves his money. He’s so proud of who he is and what he’s become as a result of the Shalom Institute,” Hall said.

Paddle for Autism 2013


A great time was had by all!

When: 27 de abril, 2013

Where: La Lomita en la Laguna del Condado

Paddleboarding for Children with Autism was fantastic! All the kids had great fun paddle boarding on the lagoon, joining in bouncing around on the AquaGlide, interacting with clowns…we even had a fire truck shooting water into the air! The parents didn’t miss out either with a delicious food provided by Mango’s Restaurant to keep them happy while the kids played and checked out the kiosks. (more…)

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