Thank you for changing Guillermo in such a short time. He’s more communicative, he’s happier, he’s more himself. Your expertise and unconditional love have been a great help. Warm regards to Guillermo’s teacher, Eric and the rest of the staff. Love, Mommy Aida

– Aidamarie Pérez Burgos, mother of Guillermo (6 years old)

“My son used to cry and scream and take off his clothes when it was time to go to school. Ever since he started with you and Gersh, the change has been total! Now he yells with glee knowing that tomorrow there’s school! He gets out of bed with no problems and goes happily with me to the academy. It’s incredible!”

– Olga Figueroa, mother of Jorge (10 years old)

“For the first time, Steven wants to go to school. I’m very happy!”

– Migdalia Rosario, mother of Steven (10 years old)

“Thanks to you, many mothers are grateful…finally we have hope: Gersh Academy!”

– Sara Martinez, mother of Robert (13 years old)

“I want to thank you for the effort, support, help and the confidence demonstrated through the attention and care that was given my son Jheremy during the school term. Without you these children would not show the progress they have gained…!

– Judith Colon, mother of Jheremy (10 years old)

“Sheila, you are a person of commitment and vocation. This is what our children need. Never in our educational experience have we been treated with such care and attention. Thank you – you will see that Gersh Puerto Rico is going to succeed you have heart.”

– Vilmari Roman, mother of Alex (9 years old)

“ I am more than grateful for all that we have achieved so far.  My wish is that the gains that we have worked so hard to attain keep us going forward.  Sometimes the fight is tiring but only God knows what I ask of him is to keep giving me the strength to continue. I know we will get there. A thousand blessings for you and your team…you’re the best!”

– Cecilia Malave, mother of Tatiana (16 years old)

“I will always be Alex’s mother, a child with autism. I will continue to do the things I always do, no matter where he is. I just want you to know that I speak from the bottom of my heart when I say that Gersh Academy has, almost to perfection (I say almost because perfection is only with God) provided the support we needed. Together we will make it happen.”

– Vilmari Roman, mother of Alex (9 years old)

I would like to share with you my happiness to see my son improving and his overall learning; definitely Gersh Academy and the personnel are a blessing for these children. I especially appreciate the teacher Limary and her para professional, Carlos. Words are hard to find – I can only congratulate them both for their excellent work , but especially I thank God for giving us the opportunity to enroll in Gersh Academy. As a mother, what I want the most is that my son receives the attention, dedication and much love that, without a doubt, the Academy provides. I hope that we continue the excellent work and may God bless you!

– Mother of William 7 years

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