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Gersh Academy Puerto Rico – Customized Education For Children and Young Adults with Autism

Who We Are

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Gersh Academy Inc. was founded twenty years ago by Kevin Gersh, a celebrated entrepreneur with a passion for providing support and guidance to students with unique needs who are often left behind by traditional educational systems. In 2012, Kevin Gersh and Sheila Fridman, M.Ed., joined forces to change the lives of children and young adults with Autism in Puerto Rico by providing customized education that will help these individuals gain the skills necessary to navigate society as independent as possible.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that children do well if they can. When they are not doing well, we work collaboratively with them to identify and remove the obstacles to their success. Imposing our will and expectations on a child, or using incentives and consequences with a child who has an emotional, social, or academic skill deficit is not likely to be successful because that child may not have the skills to meet those expectations.

Our staff works with the students to develop the skills that are lagging to not only alleviate current problems but to prevent them from happening in the future. As a result, maladaptive behavior, frustration and stress all decrease and the child is more successful in meeting expectations.

Our Teachers


Gersh Academy Puerto Rico teachers are all certified and licensed by the Department of Education of Puerto Rico in Special Education and either hold, or are currently pursuing, a Master’s Degree in Education or a related field. Our teachers receive an intensive training on our customized approach and methodologies in our New York location. In addition, it is required that all staff members participate in weekly training sessions that address relevant topics regarding our student population.

Partnership with Parents

When you enroll your child at Gersh Academy, the entire family becomes part of our team. Parental communication is an important component of our students’ success. Frequent communication between parents and the classroom teacher is also encouraged to ensure continuity between home and school. Parents must be accessible during the school day and be open to modifying the student’s schedule when necessary. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend our monthly parent support group meetings to talk, share, listen, learn and have fun.

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